Danielle Emma Vass
Freelance Mobile App Developer

Android - iPhone - iPad - Apple Watch

Danielle is a mobile developer with over four years experience specialising in Android and iOS apps, and is now looking to freelance her skills. She’s been featured on the front page of Hacker News and the top of GitHub for an Android library she built, Android Bootstrap. She also spoke at Droidcon NYC on building and publishing open source libraries for Android!

She has also co-founded a CiC, Teach Programming in Bath, which aims to inspire the next generation of computer scientists by making programming creative, and therefore more fun and enjoyable. Finally, she has also recently become a lecturer at Bath College teaching Android mobile development to second year undergraduates.



Project Tigr

A website I've built for enabling young (and old) people to learn to code creatively. Most recently turned into physical books through a successfully funded kickstarter project.


Awesome Material

A library for Android that makes it super easy for developers to incorporate material design and bootstrap buttons with icons into their apps




Android app that displays the most recent earthquake, colour coded on magnitude severity, using the US Geological Societies API

Play Store


Simple iPhone and Apple Watch app to display cat pictures from Flickr that are closest to you! Part of an internal marketing project at Calvium to research and document building Apple Watch apps

App Store



Began building Android apps in 2010 (version 1.6 Donut). First app published in the summer of 2011 which gained over 27,000 downloads before it was withdrawn a few months later


Published several iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps in my professional development experience. Also attended one of the only Universities in Europe that offered a taught iPhone module

iBeacons & Bluetooth LE

Worked on several internal apps on both Android and iPhone to demonstrate Bluetooth LE and iBeacon capabilities.

Open Source

Regular contributor to the open source community. My original Android Bootstrap library has over 4,000 stars on GitHub earning me a top trending developer title, and has been on the front of Hacker News


Researched in depth many of the accessibility features both iPhone and Android contain to make using apps easier for those that are visually impaired


Currently running two junior breakfast clubs, one secondary school club, one evening course, and a second year Undergraduate module through Teach Programming CiC